Play this now – Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame

Prince of Persia - The Shadow and the Flame (iPhone screenshot 001)

Montreuil, France-headquartered games publisher Ubisoft last Thursday released Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame, its highly-anticipated reboot of the award-winning Prince of Persia game franchise.

The new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game has already scored some raving reviews from the specialized press and is highly recommended to gamers who are in the market for an action adventure with console-grade graphics, interesting storyline and challenging puzzles.

It should be an impulse purchase for fans of the Prince of Persia franchise like myself. Your download link and launch trailer are right after the break…

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame continues the age old saga of a wanderer who was born a Prince. It’s being billed as a pick up and play adaptation of the 1993 Prince of Persia classic so you pretty much know what to expect: lots of running, climbing, swinging, vaulting and jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

In total, fourteen levels are scattered across five distinct environments.

Check out the launch trailer.

And another one.

As we mentioned before, the game offers the choice between dynamic gesture-based touch controls or the more precise tap-to-move system.

Prince of Persia - The Shadow and the Flame (iPhone screenshot 002)

That’s some epic graphics, if you ask me.

Prince of Persia - The Shadow and the Flame (iPhone screenshot 003)

From iTunes release notes:

• Follow the epic storyline of the original game.
• Explore 14 levels rendered in visually-stunning 3D.
• Dive into 5 state-of-the-art environments.
• Discover an exciting new combat system with multiple enemies and tactical challenges.
• Unleash devastating combos and unlock even more powerful ones as you progress.
• Acquire new weapons for increasingly thrilling fight sequences.
• Experience the highly-acclaimed Prince of Persia platforming gameplay.
• Choose between gesture-based touch controls or the classic virtual joystick.
• Perform fluid and acrobatic moves to overcome challenges, or go step-by-step with “Cautious Mode”.
• Unlock achievements and ascend the leaderboards.
• Share you scores with Facebook integration.

To learn more, hop over to the official website.

148Apps called it an “incredibly solid action/adventure, one that’s pretty, fairly expansive, time-consuming, and feels right at home on iOS”.

TouchArcade summed up in its review:

Shadow and the Flame is a Prince of Persia game in every way that counts: You solve puzzles by pulling off death-defying gymnastics using controls that leap to attention at the slightest touch of your finger, and you have lots of fun doing it.

Ubisoft dared to leave the rose-tinted glasses at home and made bold changes that prove the Prince of Persia license has lots of life left in it yet.

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is a three-buck download from the App Store. Our Android friends can grab the game via Google’s Play store or Amazon’s Appstore for Android.

Although it offers purchasable virtual coins to advance your character, you can complete the game without spending extra cash, if web reviews are anything to go by.