MuscleNerd: no A5+ bootrom exploit

apple a5

For those of you holding out hope that a bootrom exploit has been discovered for newer iOS devices, you’re going to have to keep hoping. That’s because famed iOS hacker, MuscleNerd, has confirmed that no A5+ bootrom exploit exists. A bootrom exploit is extremely desirable, because it means that the device could be permanently susceptible to a tethered jailbreak, much in the same vein as limera1n for pre A5 devices.

Many have speculated that p0sixninja’s work has something to do with a bootrom exploit, but this pretty much squashes such speculation. Not all hope is lost, though. When asked if Apple has defeated jailbreakers, MuscleNerd responded like this:

I can’t say I’m surprised that no bootrom exploit exists. What do you say?