Actiwidget: add Activator action shortcuts to Notification Center

Actiwidget is a brand new tweak by Activator developer, Ryan Petrich. Actiwidget allows users to add Activator shortcuts directly to Notification Center. It’s an idea that seems so simple, yet only until now has it been brought to fruition. The tweak, which uses Activator’s preferences for configuration, adds yet another way to execute your favorite actions. Take a look at our video demonstration inside to see how it all works.

Configuring Actiwidget is done by opening the Menus section found in Activator’s main menu. There, you will find a custom menu dedicated to Actiwidget where items can be added, rearranged, or deleted. The awesome thing about Actiwidget is that all of this can be performed on the fly, and no resprings are required. The widget, which must be enabled in Settings > Notifications, will update as soon as you make the changes within Activator’s preferences.

Actiwidget 01

If you want to give Actiwidget a shot, then be sure to add Ryan’s beta repo: to your Cydia sources. It’ll be interesting to see what direction Actiwidget heads in with a little more development time and fleshing out. Right now, the key functionality is there and works perfectly fine. From a visual standpoint, the actual Notification Center widget is a bit bland, but that’s to be expected for a 0.1 beta release. Here’s hoping that Actiwidget will be open for theming and that some of the well known designers in the community get engaged.

What do you think about Actiwidget? Are you excited to have such functionality available at your fingertips? Share your thoughts and comments down below.