Yahoo! News modernizes design

Yahoo News (iPad teaser 001)

There’s no denying that the Internet giant Yahoo has been on quite a roll lately.

Over the course of just two months, the company has managed to roll out the awesome Weather app (that Apple seemingly copied quite slavishly in iOS 7), launch the Mail app on iPad, update its Search iOS app with Summly summaries and acquire the blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion.

Today, the company announced it is revamping its popular News portal on the web and mobile devices with a  new design aimed at creating a more consistent feel across all of Yahoo. The all-new Yahoo News look is also available when browsing the website on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices…

You can see what it looks like on the iPad on the screenie top of post and here’s Yahoo News in Safari on an iPhone.

Yahoo News (iPhone teaser 001)

The new News is way faster than the old version, with articles loading in an instant.

Here’s the new News in all its glory.

Yahoo News (web teaser 001)

Yahoo’s VP of Product, Mike Kerns, notes the refreshed Yahoo News takes into account your interests and preferences by making the news stream customizable. Specifically, you can tell Yahoo what content you’d like to see more of (if signed-in, of course) and it gets smarter the more you use it.

The feature no doubt takes advantage of Yahoo’s recent acquisition of the news summary engine Summly, which is also used to a similar effect in the firm’s recently refreshed Search iOS app.

We’re placing the news front and center in the content stream, and made it easier to navigate news categories — such as Politics, Tech, Science — as well as find original and partner content, like ABC News.

The new News is a staggered release so U.S. users can expect to see it live over the next couple of days.