iTunes U finally adopts pull-to-refresh thing

iTunes U 1.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenstho 001)iTunes U 1.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenstho 002)

Although optimized for the iPhone 5, iTunes U – Apple’s free download from the App Store – is still skeuomorphic, just like Find My iPhone, AirPort Utility and other Apple downloads not included as part of the stock iOS 7 experience. Though today’s iTunes U 1.3.1 update doesn’t get rid of the wooden bookshelf, the new versions does add several noteworthy features. Among them: the popular pull-to-refresh gesture to checks for course updates in the notepad…

This version also resolves an issue which may prevent courses from updating, fixes a problem where iTunes U may unexpectedly quit when opening the Catalog repeatedly and adds support for Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish languagtes.

iTunes U 1.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenstho 003)iTunes U 1.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenstho 004)

You can grab this free update straight form the App Store.

iTunes U has enrolled more than 250,000 students with content from 1,200 colleges, universities and K-12 schools.

iTunes U (most popular courses)

While Yale, MIT and Stanford are among the U.S. schools involved, a growing majority of schools from outside the U.S. are also taking part.

Back in February, Apple said iTunes U topped one billion cumulative content downloads.

Speaking of pull-to-refresh, I’m glad Apple is adopting the popular feature.

As you know, the stock iOS Mail app comes with Apple’s interesting take on pull-to-refresh. With that in mind, perhaps today’s iTunes U update signals the company’s readiness to roll out this useful gesture across its stock iOS apps?

Of course, Apple should tread carefully because Twitter holds the patent to pull-to-refresh, which lists former Tweetie developer Loren Brichter as an inventor.