Apple contacting iTunes users with details on in-app purchase settlement

iOS in-app purchase (teaser)

Apple began sending out emails to some iTunes users this weekend, informing them of how the approximately 23 million people that are a part of the in-app purchases class-action lawsuit can apply for compensation.

The settlement, which will cost Apple in excess of $100 million, stems from a class action lawsuit filed against Apple by parents who complained that it was far too easy for their children to make in-app purchases…

CNET has the details:

“An e-mail sent by the “Apple In-App Purchase Litigation Administrator” describes how the approximately 23 million people part of a class-action lawsuit can apply for compensation. Parents have until January 13, 2014, to claim a $5 iTunes gift cards for charges less than $30, according to the e-mail. The maximum compensation parents can expect is the total amount charged during a single 45-day period without their permission.”

Apple has taken a lot of heat over the years for its in-app purchasing policy. Though it has since been changed, there was a time where users were not required to enter a password prior to purchasing virtual goods in games.

As you can imagine, this lead to a number of staggering iTunes bills and eventually led to this class action lawsuit. Here’s a look at the original complaint, first filed by Garen Meguerian who was later joined by several others.

“Garen Meguerian let his 9-year-old daughter download several free games from the App Store. Several weeks later, he discovered his daughter had purchased approximately $200 of virtual currency like Zombie Toxin and City Cash. Meguerian is suing Apple for damages plus attorney fees.”

As the email states, parents involved in the class action suit have until January 13, 2014 to claim their portion of the settlement. For more information, you can visit the dedicated iTunes in-app purchase settlement website.