Feeling suicidal? Don’t do it, Siri can call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for you

Siri (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)

Sometimes, one just feels like life isn’t worth living anymore. Maybe you’ve been trying too hard for too long or life hasn’t been treating you fairly?

Perhaps love of your life has suddenly dumped you? Or, it could be the economy. Whatever the reason, far too many people are having suicidal thoughts these days.

And who could blame them – we’re living in a time when the entire world is increasingly becoming a Prozac nation. When desperation sets in, suicide prevention centers step in to save lives. But those considering committing suicide are often way too depressed to even seek professional help on their own.

Apple feels their pain, too. In a recent server-side update, the company’s digital assistant has gained ability to help individuals in suicidal crisis reach out to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by automatically placing that potentially life-saving phone call for you…

Previously, Siri would simply list the nearby suicide prevention centers rather than actually call one.

On devices incapable of placing phone calls over cellular networks, such as iPads and iPod touches, Siri still reads off the NSPL phone number. But instead of offering to call one, it will search the web for any suicide prevention center in your vicinity.

According to multiple reports, the change is observed on devices running iOS 6 or iOS 7.

Each year, about a million people commit suicide globally, with nearly 40,000 suicides in the United States alone. Whatever help Apple can offer to the individuals thinking about committing suicide out of despair is more than welcome.

iOS 7 (Siri, Flashlight)

When Apple lets iOS 7 out of the gate come this Fall, Siri will be able to do lots more things, like change your settings, toggle your iPhone’s flashlight, search Google or Bing and read out Twitter and Wikipedia content, to name just a few.

Oh, if you’re feeling kinda nothing, this rock balad may help.