Automatically clear Spotlight search with ‘ClearOnOpen’

ClearOnOpen Featured

Whenever you perform a Spotlight search by typing search terms in the Spotlight search bar, and then exit the search, the Spotlight search field remains populated when you swipe back to the Spotlight search screen. This is how Spotlight search works with stock settings.

ClearOnOpen is a new jailbreak tweak that forces the Spotlight search field to clear when coming back to the Spotlight search page. If you’d like to see how it works in action, then check after the break as we guide you via our video walkthrough.

As you can probably imagine, ClearOnOpen is an extremely simple jailbreak tweak. It features no options or settings, just install it, and it begins working immediately.

If you’re annoyed by the fact that search terms remain in Spotlight, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and install it for free. ClearOnOpen is a great companion to another tweak we talked about a while back called OpenOnSearch. Both tweaks are developed by the same person, and seek to improve the Spotlight experience.

If you’ve tried either tweak, let us know what you think about them in the comment section below.