Build the ultimate post-apocalyptic empire in Apoc Wars

Apoc Wars 3Build and battle games are really hitting their stride with iOS now. They are so much more than just simple town-building games. Players can now train an army and go out to attack and overthrow other empires. It’s like you are getting two games in one.

Apoc Wars is a build and battle game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where enemies are punk rock Dirt Bags and your soldiers look like they walked out of Jamie Hewlett’s imagination…


The game is designed around the typical post-apocalyptic theme. The world has been mostly destroyed and the survivors must figure out a way to continue surviving. The typical baddie in these types of stories always has a Mohawk and a spiky jacket. This game is no exception. The marauding gang of punk rock no good nicks are even called Dirt Bags.

The land is desolate and barren and players create a town that must be well fortified from invasion by constructing a command center and other buildings out of scraps from the desert.

Players collect scrap metal and use it to upgrade buildings. Generate power to train soldiers. Send out spy drones to clear away the smog of war and deploy clansmen to invade enemy command centers and loot the wreckage.

The gameplay is mainly based on timed tasks that can be sped up by using “blood money.” Blood money can run out fast if you are in too big of a hurry, so don’t use it unless you really can’t wait to keep playing the game.

Apoc Wars 2

Game Play

Players start by building barracks, scrap yards, and other necessary buildings for survival in the wastelands of this dry world. Assemble the scrap yard to create useable materials to construct and upgrade more buildings. Create the barracks to train soldiers. Build turrets to protect your land.

Once you’ve got enough soldiers to fight the enemy, head out on missions to destroy “Dirt Bags” hideouts. To attack, first send a spy drone out to clear away the dirty fog that is protecting them from view. Once you’ve made it possible to see their command center, choose your soldiers to send to battle.

Players have a maximum capacity of soldiers that they can deploy for each attack mission. To increase your capacity, upgrade your command center. You can have different types of soldiers on your team and whom you choose to fight with will affect how many fighters you have on the battlefield.

Once you’ve deployed as many troopers as possible, tap on the screen where you want them to go. Following a well laid out path is imperative to your soldiers’ survival. That is why sending out spy drones is so helpful. If you cross paths with too many turrets, your guys will be toast before they even get to the command center.

If you manage to destroy the enemy, you will automatically loot the wreckage for special power ups. These items can be equipped in the command center to increase the stats of the soldiers. For example, the bicycle increases your troopers’ speed by five percent.

When you defeat enemies, you will earn blood money, which is used to speed up how long it takes to build something or train someone. Players can immediately speed up the construction of a building by paying blood money for it. The amount each construction project costs is dependent on the size of the job.

Players use power to build and train, too. The only way to earn power once you’ve run out is to upgrade your command center.

Most buildings and soldiers have a minimum level requirement to be unlocked. For example, you can’t train a Rocket Man until you’ve upgraded the barracks, but you can’t upgrade the barracks until you have reached the fourth level. There are times when it is nearly impossible to upgrade, build, or attack because you are not at a high enough level to complete a task, but you increase your level by completing tasks. It’s like a never-ending cycle.

The best way to ensure that you can level up, which is necessary to complete a lot of the tasks, is to attack the Dirt Bags. The more times you win victories against the enemy, the more experience points you earn, which will eventually increase your level.

Apoc Wars 2

The Good

The battles are very challenging and make you work for your victory. This is much better than sending out troops and waiting for the “report” to come in as to how the battle went. Most build and battle games don’t let you actually participate in the battle part of the game.

The game is made well. The graphics are high quality and there doesn’t appear to be any glitches or bugs in this current version. I love the Tank Girl style post-apocalyptic look, too. I have a soft spot for movies and books that take place in a wasteland full of punk rock bad guys and girls with guns.

The Bad

It doesn’t take long before you are stuck with a bunch of buildings that you either have to wait to complete, or spend blood money to construct. Which means that by the time you get to level four, you are faced with a strong desire to fork out a couple of dollars on in-app purchases. Games that are free to play are a great asset to the iOS community, but it works better when players don’t feel so pushed into spending money.


The game is free to play, which means you’ll probably end up spending more than you intended on in-app purchases. However, you can avoid paying real money for this game by being very patient. Upgrade some buildings, attack some Dirt Bags, and then go eat a sandwich. The amount of money you spend is dependent on the amount of time you want to invest in it.


I am quickly becoming a big fan of build and battle games. I love being able to build and upgrade my empire, while at the same time, go out and destroy enemies. If you are a fan of the genre, you will be a fan of this game. Just be aware that you will find yourself in wait mode by about the fourth level. Either that, or you’ll be spending blood money like it’s not real. Apoc Wars is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.