German online Apple Store now accepts PayPal

Online Apple Store Germany (PayPal)

Although Apple has long offered PayPal as a payment option in the United States for both digital consumer sales on iTunes and volume software purchases by education customers, the firm never instituted paying for online store purchases using PayPal.

That’s ostensibly changing now as users in Germany now report being able to complete purchases on their localized online Apple Store using their PayPal account.

It remains unclear why exactly Apple enabled the feature in Germany (could be part of the broader Apple Store changes), but the move could signal a staggered worldwide roll-out…, which first spotted PayPal as a new option on the online Apple Store in Germany, points us to Apple’s payments and tax information confirming PayPal as a new checkout option.

Upon providing one’s PayPal credentials, a PayPal confirmation form pops up giving you a chance of reviewing the total amount and billing details before finalizing the purchase.

Orders with multiple deliveries are also supported: keep in mind that Apple will charge your PayPal account separately for each shipment.

Although the likes of Square, Google and a myriad of other mobile payment startups are all seemingly stepping on PayPal’s turf now, PayPal remains one of the oldest and arguably the most popular payment solution for the digital age.

The inclusion of PayPal for online store purchases also gives shoppers an added layer of security as they no longer have to hand out their credit card information to Apple.

Instead, PayPal completes the purchase by charging your bank account or credit card on file – without ever demanding your sensitive banking/credit card info during the checkout process.

Not only that, PayPal is a tremendously useful option for those who do not have credit cards at all. That said, today’s news will admittedly make Apple’s online store more accessible to those customers.

To our international readers: please report down in the comments if your local online Apple Store now offers PayPal as a new payment option.