How Samsung’s S Voice responds to questions about iPhone, Siri and Apple

Samsung S-Voice (image 001)

Apple’s Siri isn’t just known for her witty responses, but also for a few Easter eggs Apple intentionally included in the app. One of the more famous is Siri’s response to the marriage question. When asked “will you marry me?”, Siri responds that “my End User License Agreement does not cover marriage.”

Nokia even accused Apple of recalibrating Siri to name iPhone the best phone rather than its own Lumia 900 handset. And, a law student took an issue with sponsored Siri responses to questions like “what’s the best smartphone/tablet ever?”

Looks like Samsung’s own voice-activated digital assistant, dubbed S Voice, could find itself under similar criticism as bloggers discover some interesting Easter eggs in the software. One of the funnier S Voice responses unsurprisingly covers topics such as Apple’s iPhone and Siri…

As discovered by Android Central, Samsung’s S Voice will happily bash the iPhone by suggesting the Apple smartphone is for people without standards.

When asked “Have you ever used an iPhone?”, S Voice responds:

No, I have standards.

S Voice also happens to think that it’s Siri.

Samsung S Voice (Siri questions)
Screenshot via 9to5Mac.

Challenged with a simple question “Are you Siri?”, S Voice rather surprisingly answers “I think I am, but I’m a little biased.”

Per Android Central, these S Voice responses were observed on the international Galaxy S4. Other Samsung devices or S4 versions may respond differently to those questions. It’s interesting that S Voice stops short of any direct attacks.

Asked “Do you like Apple?”, S Voice will tell you “it has no problems with anyone, but its loyalties lie with Samsung,” writes Android Central.

Of course, Siri sometimes gives amusing responses of her own, too.

For example, asking Siri to “call me an ambulance” results in her acknowledging “From now on, I’ll call you ‘an ambulance’”.

Siri (call me an ambulance)

I take it you’ve already asked Siri about the best smartphone/tablet, no?

S Voice debuted last May on the Galaxy S3 as Samsung’s response to Apple’s Siri, which launched as an iPhone 4S exclusive in October 2011. Like Siri, S Voice can also set alarms, make phone calls, read your messages and perform a few other core phone functions besides answering questions.

Siri new response to best smartphone ever questionSiri best phone

You may also want to check out this little video showdown between Siri and S-Voice.

Apple last summer leveraged its many Siri patents in order to impose a U.S. sales ban on the Galaxy S3. In March 2013, Reuters reported that Judge Lucy Koh gave Apple permission to move forward with a third U.S. lawsuit against Samsung that that includes search technology in Apple’s Siri voice assistant.