Apple now offering refurbished 7th-gen iPod nano online

refurb ipod nano 7

Apple has been very active lately in the refurbished department of its web store. Last week it posted fifth generation iPod touch models to the page for the first time. And just weeks before that, it began offering fourth-generation iPads and iPad minis.

Today, the company has added refurbished 7th generation iPod nano models to its website, bringing its reconditioned offerings for iOS devices it introduced last fall full circle. You can now find nearly every late-model iPhone, iPad or iPod at a discount…

Apple introduced the 7th gen nano during its iPhone 5/iPod event last September. It was completely redesigned from its predecessor with a 2.5-inch multitouch display, built-in pedometer and bluetooth networking, and comes in an array of vivid colors.

Typically, the 16GB late-model nano will run you $149, depending on where you shop. But with the refurbished models, Apple is knocking 13% off the price tag, allowing you to snag one for $129. At the time of this writing, all colors are available.

Now, $20 off may not seem like much, but the savings can add up over multiple purchases. Plus, I can’t think of a better device to go for the refurbished deal on, as it’s already the cheapest one Apple offers, and I doubt we’ll see a new model anytime soon.

Also keep in mind that Apple holds its refurb. products to a high standard—all units come with a new back, battery and the same one year warranty as its new-in-box products. But if you’re going to get one, you better hurry, inventory is usually pretty limited.

What do you think, deal or no deal?