Filippo Bigarella donates over $5,000 from proceeds of his jailbreak tweak LivelyIcons to charities

because of ezra

Back in mid February, we brought you coverage on a jailbreak tweak called LivelyIcons. It was a tweak, created by Filippo Bigarella, that let you have animated app icons on your Home screen. The animations were nice, but the big news about LivelyIcons’ was Bigarella’s promise to donate some of the proceeds to cancer research.

To be honest, I had almost forgotten about the tweak until Bigarella sent out a tweet today updating the progress of the earnings and donations. Judging by the numbers, it looks as if LivelyIcons was a huge success. Check inside for the details…

In a post on his blog, Bigarella explains LivelyIcon’s earnings and his distribution to charity for cancer research:

Today, I’m proud to announce that I’ve donated the first $2,500.00 to Because of Ezra, the charity founded by Kyle and Robyn Matthews.

It looks as if you guys supported LivelyIcons well, so well that the tweak has earned north of $5,000 USD, an impressive feat for “simple” jailbreak tweak. Props must also be given to Saurik, who reduced the fees normally assessed for paid packages on Cydia:

I have set the LivelyIcons fee calculation at 14/86
(instead of 30/70) based upon doing some math for “at cost”
and sent you a payout for this product.

Bigarella plans to donate the remainder of the proceeds to another charity — an Italian association focused on cancer research called La Città della Speranza. Those proceeds total $2,885.31 USD.

Needless to say the support for this tweak has been awesome. Not only do you get a great tweak, but you can feel good when purchasing it. Share your comments below.