How to quickly navigate through the iOS Calendar app

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Last week we showed you how to delete individual digits from the iOS Calculator app by swiping. It wasn’t a major revelation, by any means, but a lot of folks seem to have found it useful.

In the same fashion, we have another trick to show you today. And if you’ve ever thought to yourself that it takes too long to navigate through the iOS Calendar app, you’ll want to see this…

To start things off, go ahead and open up the stock Calendar app on your iOS device. Now tap the ‘Month’ tab located at the bottom of the app—it should show April—and navigate to December.

Most people, when instructed to do this, will tap the arrow in the top righthand corner of the app about 8 times or so until they reach December. And that’s correct. But there’s an easier way.

Step 1: jump back to today’s date by tapping the ‘Today’ tab located in the bottom lefthand corner of the Calendar app. As before, it should show the month as April.

Step 2: now you’re going to navigate to December again, but this time try holding down on the arrow icon instead of tapping it. You should notice it moving much faster through the months.

And that’s all there is to it. The trick works whether you’re going forward in months, or backward, and it also works with days. Just make sure to select the ‘Days’ tab from the bottom of the app.