LockLauncher 2.0 is out with support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5


It seems like there’s been a lot of tweaks updated lately to support iOS 6 and the new 4-inch display on the iPhone 5. There’s Mail Enhancer Pro, ToDoNotes 2, and iBye. And today, we are adding another one to the list.

LockLauncher, a jailbreak tweak that lets you launch multiple apps at once from your lockscreen, has been updated to version 2.0. The update includes several improvements, including iOS 6, iPhone 5 support and more…

Here’s a video demo from the LockLauncher developer, Akhil Tolani:

And here’s the full change log for version 2.0:

-Updated For iOS 6 & 4 inch screen devices.
-Fixed Icon Sizes and Positions.
-Icon Badges & Labels Support.
-Added KillSwitch, User Guide, Position in settings.
-Overall improved Performance, Settings & functionality.

Once installed, you can configure all of LockLauncher’s options from the Settings app. Here you’ll select which apps that you want to appear on your Lock screen, and their position on it. And there’s a new enable/disable toggle.

As seen in the demo video above, while you can launch the apps from your Lock screen, you have to actually unlock your device to access them. That’s nice for folks with Passcodes set, but inconvenient for almost everyone else.

It’s a cool idea, being able to launch an app from your Lock screen and having it pulled up when you unlock your device. But it’s not for me. If you’re interested though, you can find LockLauncher in the BigBoss repo, for $1.99.