ToDoNotes 2 is out with iOS 6 support

todonotes 2

In the summer of 2011, jailbreak developers participated in a cool project called tweak week. Several devs each took a week, and released one new jailbreak tweak everyday. It went on for 3+ months, and we got several great tweaks out of it.

One of those tweaks was ToDoNotes, by TwitkaFly developer moeseth, which added a notepad to the Spotlight page that talked with the Notes app, giving you quick access to your memos. And version 2 just came out with iOS 6 support…

Here’s our review of the original tweak:

For the most part, version 2 of the tweak is exactly like the first. There’s no settings to configure, or icons to worry about. Once installed, just navigate to your device’s Spotlight page and you should see what looks like the outline of a notepad.

The only thing that has changed in ToDoNotes 2 is the way that you add notes to the Spotlight page. Instead of merely tapping the share icon at the bottom of the Notes app, you have to hold it down to access the ‘Push to ToDoNotes’ option.

I usually disable my Spotlight page, as I haven’t quite figured out a good use for it yet. But if you frequently use the search tool, this could come in handy for things like todo lists, telephone messages and anything else you need to reference quickly.

If you’re interested, you can find ToDoNotes 2 in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for free.