T-Mobile will talk iPhone tomorrow

T-Mobile iPhone 5

T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier and the only major U.S. telco without the iPhone and LTE network, will discuss the iconic smartphone at tomorrow’s event, one publication has it on good authority. CNET has confirmed that the iPhone will play a part at T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” event tomorrow, meaning we can now confidently speculate that the Deutsche Telekom-owned telco will formally announce it will be carrying Apple’s handset and share details regarding its unsubsidized pricing structure…

CNET reports:

Yep, T-Mobile will finally get the iPhone.

Apple’s flagship device, long a gap in T-Mobile’s smartphone line-up, will play a prominent role in tomorrow’s “Uncarrier” event, according to a person familiar with the launch plans.

A T-Mobile representative declined to comment to CNET.

T-Mobile’s event starts at 11:00am Eastern tomorrow.

Earlier today, T-Mobile launched a set of new off-contract plans as part of the “Uncarrier” initiative, with all tiers including tethering, unlimited voice and text and up to 12.5GB of HSPA+ data.

T-Mobile previously confirmed it will start carrying Apple’s handset later this year and promised to start the commercial deployment of its LTE network later this month.

Meanwhile, AT&T last week introduced new 30/40/50GB shared data tiers.

Both AT&T and Verizon said they will be monitoring T-Mobile’s initiative to drop contracts in favor of monthly installments.

However, neither carrier would specifically pledge to update its policies in turn.