iOS 7 concept visualizes all-new UI for Lock screen, notifications and more

ios 7 lock screen concept

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is coming up in a few months, and with new leadership in place, a lot of folks are hoping to see some major changes in iOS 7. Many critics feel like the platform is long overdue for a makeover.

And this prospect has led to the creation of several impressive mockups and renderings of what some hope to see from Apple in the future. Today’s concept is no different, as it visualizes some beautiful, all-new UI components for iOS…

Created by designer Mohamed Kerroudj, this mockup video shows off a drastically revamped Lock screen. In fact, outside of the iPhone framing, and maybe the message alert, you’d never guess this was an iOS concept.

I must say I’m kind of digging it. I like the action bar at the bottom that reveals Settings toggles, a calendar and the Camera app. And I’m a fan of any mockup that uses a system-wide quick reply feature. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done yet.

Part two of Kerroudj’s ‘iOS 7 concept’ takes the new UI deeper, into both the Calendar app and what looks like a Status bar widget for the iPod app. I don’t know that this is any better than having iPod controls in the app switcher, but it looks good.

Of course, making a 30-second concept video is much easier than implementing changes for an operating system used by hundreds of millions of people. So don’t expect to see any major changes to iOS this year, or anytime in the near future.

Apple’s in a tough spot with its mobile platform. It has to figure out a way to add new features, and keep it fresh enough to appease those looking for change, while keeping it similar enough to past versions to pacify those looking for consistency.

But back to the above concept. I like it. The UI kind of reminds me of Google’s newer iOS apps, with its sharp, flat lines and fonts. And I’m really liking that Lock screen action bar. Here’s hoping the jailbreak community can bring it to life.

What’d you think of the concept?