iPad vs. Paper

As this commercial amusingly asserts, there isn’t an app for everything after all. Apple’s tablet can replace paper most of the time and assist us in almost every way but one, revealed at the very end. Meet us in comments…

Was that funny or what?

This actually reminds me of a story how Steve Jobs dismissed one of the very early iPad prototypes as only being good for surfing on the loo.

Speaking to The New York Times, one of the engineers working on the project at the time revealed how one of the very first tablet prototypes Apple began developing in the mid-2000s actually had a seven-inch screen.

However, Apple’s late co-founder hated it for being too small and having poor battery life, wondering aloud what it was good for “besides surfing the web in the bathroom,” this person said.

BTW, even though the video is titled ‘iPad vs. Paper’, I’m not certain that’s Apple’s device.

We don’t get to see the Apple logo so it might be mistaken for some no-name generic device.