‘LandscapeVideos’ forces landscape mode when watching videos


Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a video, and it stays stuck it portrait mode due to the iPhone’s rotation lock being enabled? That’s incredibly annoying.

LandscapeVideos is a tweak that’s been needed for a long time — it forces your phone into landscape mode when a video begins playing, regardless of your rotation lock status.

LandscapeVideos 02

The tweak features a few settings within its preference panel. There’s an overall kill switch, and options to limit when the tweak takes action. You can set the tweak to force landscape mode only when your rotation lock is enabled, or have it always enabled.

LandscapeVideos 03

The last setting allows you to adjust the desired orientation to work on landscape left or landscape right. The direction is the side that the iPhone’s Home button resides on.

If you watch a lot of videos, and let’s be honest, you should be, then LandscapeVideos is a worthy tweak to check out. It’s available right now for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.