PanoPerfect moves to the iPad and adds web galleries

PanoPerfect iPad

Since our first look at PanoPerfect for the iPhone, it has become more widely accepted as a great way to share only panoramic photographs. I am a big fan of the ability to take panoramic photos with my iPhone and it only makes sense that HalfPeeled provides a great new way to view and share them. As featured in the App Store’s “New and Noteworthy” section, PanoPerfect lands for the iPad and boasts a new web browsing feature…

PanoPerfect for iPad is primarily a viewing utility, just like the new web browser. The app does, however, allow for panoramic uploads no matter which iOS device is utilized. Opening PanoPerfect for iPad displays a daily trending image feed, similar to Instagram, but this section is not fed by people you specifically follow or friend.

Having used the iPhone app, I do find viewing my friends’ pictures on the iPad a much more enjoyable experience. The longer screen on the iPhone 5 gives a little more viewing room in landscape than iPhone 4, obviously, but to truly get a good look at these pictures, using an iPad is preferred.

PanoPerfect Webview

Bringing the app to all platforms last week, HalfPeeled makes its move to further provide for its growing number of users. Both versions of the app are free and you should check it out, especially if you are a big pano picture fan. To initially browse images and find users, no account is required to look around. Although, signing in is easily connected with Twitter, Facebook, or an individual PanoPerfect account.

A crisp user interface keep things tidy and no added bulk gets in the way of viewing pictures, either in the trending section or your friends timeline. Where Instagram requires a square image and Twitter only gives a square thumbnail, PanoPerfect gives a complete edge to edge preview.

What do you guys think? Do you take panoramas often? How do you usually share those panoramas?