Quick Key, a game-changing app for educators

Walter Duncan is a classroom teacher with fourteen year experience who dared to think different when it comes to grading papers. Looking beyond the tedious manual process, he came up with an app which scans grade papers using the iPhone’s camera and then immediately turns pictures into numbers and logs that data with any major electronic grade system such as PowerSchool, for example.

This saves a hell of a lot time compared to manually entering the results and if the video above is an indication, the software does scan as quickly as he can move the papers. This game-changing app for educators isn’t ready for prime time yet as they’re looking for testers over at Power2Teach…

From the web site:

Quick Key eliminates hand-grading of quizzes, tests, and formative assessments, even for teachers working in paper-based classrooms, without a computer. With Quick Key, you can spend your time addressing student’s different learning needs, not messing around with grades and grade books.

Quick Key is easy to use, and doesn’t require you to change anything about how you teach. But you might, once you discover what you and your students can accomplish when assessment is effortless!

It should be noted that Duncan didn’t create the app himself. Instead, it was a collaborative effort between Cambridge, Massachusetts team of educators and developers.

Here’s to the hoping the app makes it all the way.

[via 9to5Mac]