TypingPrivacy prevents iMessage users from seeing when you type

Typing Privacy Settings

Whenever you begin composing a new iMessage, your recipient can see that you’re typing. That’s because an ellipsis appears in their Messages app to let them know so. The purpose of this is to let people know that you’re responding to them, that you haven’t left them hanging. It makes the party on the other end of the message wait in expectation of your response.

While most people don’t have a problem with this and actually enjoy the feature, some find it to be an intrusion of privacy. You could, obviously, just disable iMessage, and the issue would be settled. But that means the inconvenience of incurring possible SMS fees, and the inability to send messages via Wi-Fi, and on iOS devices which aren’t iPhones.

As a response to this possible breach of privacy, a jailbreak developer has created a tweak to eliminate the ‘now typing’ ellipsis. The tweak is called TypingPrivacy, and it’s available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Typing Privacy Dot Dot Dot

Normally, this is what your recipient will see, but TypingPrivacy nixes this

It should be noted that TypingPrivacy works with jailbreak tweaks like biteSMS and Messages+, it also prevents the ‘now typing’ ellipsis from showing up when chatting with someone on the desktop version of Messages.

To enable TypingPrivacy, simply head over to Settings > Messages > and toggle off the switch for Send Typing Notifications. This can be enabled or disabled at any time without needing to respring.

Truth to be told, this should be a stock option in iOS, just like showing read receipts is an option that you can enable or disable for privacy concerns. If you want to try out TypingPrivacy, then journey on over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it for $0.99. If you’re browsing this post on an iPhone, then you can click here for a direct link to Cydia.

What do you think about TypingPrivacy? Do you believe it should be a stock feature in iOS?