Apple said to be moving forward with iWatch project

iWatch concept (Anders Kjellberg 006)

You can call it the ‘iWatch.’ You can call it a ‘wearable computer.’ Heck, you can even call it a ‘bad idea.’ But after a week of hearing reports from major news outlets that Apple is working on a wristwatch-like device, it looks like it’s happening.

And that certainty becomes a little more solid this afternoon, as iMore’s Rene Ritchie adds his weight to the rumor. Ritchie, who has proven to be very accurate with Apple intel, reports that Apple is indeed moving forward with the project…

In a wide-ranging report on the status of ongoing Apple rumors, Ritchie writes:

“The iWatch project — regardless of how the device is eventually named or marketed — sounds like its a go. We haven’t heard anything specific about feature sets or timelines yet, but we have heard it’s moving forward.

If the entire project sounds like a dumb idea to you, however, just remember how dumb Apple phones, tablets, mini tablets, and set top boxes sounded to many back before — and even after — they were first announced.”

For some background, Rene was the first to report last year that Apple was going to move to a smaller dock connector in its iDevices—he nailed it back in February. He also correctly predicted the media event dates for the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5.

And according to him, the rumors are true. Apple is in fact working on a new kind of device that will likely be worn on the wrist. Unfortunately, though, his sources don’t offer up any new information. But the fact that it’s ‘a go’ is still a big deal.

Bloomberg reported earlier this week that the Cupertino company has a team of over 100 product designers working on the project. And a report from The Wall Street Journal last weekend claimed that it’s already testing designs with Foxconn.