Contractor modifies thousands of iPads for government use


CACI, or Consolidated Analysis Center Incorporated, is a federal contractor that delivers various information technology services to government agencies. Its primary focus is security, and it goes through great lengths to provide protected business solutions for its clients.

A good example of this is the work it’s doing with Apple’s mobile products. In a recent interview, CACI’s CEO Dan Allen said that his company has altered ‘thousands’ of iPads so that they can be used securely by high-ranking government officials—including the President…

Bloomberg reports:

“We’re looking at how do you go chase that market and how do you put partnerships in place,” Allen said. “The things that we’re doing with Apple around mobility — it’s a broad market play.”

CACI, based in Arlington, Virginia, secures iPads for the government by altering the hardware rather than by providing software, Allen said. While the iPad’s wireless connectivity and camera are among the features he said are risky in a top-secret environment, he declined to provide details on how CACI secures the devices.”

A number of US officials are known to use Apple products, most notably President Barack Obama. In an interview with ABC News in late 2011, The President said that he had received a pre-release version of the iPad 2 directly from the then-Apple CEO himself, Steve Jobs.

So did Obama’s iPad 2 get the CACI treatement? It’s very possible. Allen told Bloomberg that all of the iPads seen being used by top government officials are more than likely a product that either came from his company [CACI], or came from someone they work with.

Apple has really come a long way in the enterprise space over the past few years. These days it seems like its gaining high-profie corporate and government accounts almost as fast as BlackBerry is losing them. And it’s obvious that companies like CACI are part of the reason for that.

It’d be interesting to see exactly what CACI does to the iPads to get them ready to handle classified documents and what not.