Skype for iPhone gains emergency call redirection, automatic call recovery

Skype 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Skype 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Following a Skype for iPad update earlier this week that has enabled automatic dropped call recovery, in-app purchase of Skype credits and a minor UI tweak, the Microsoft-owned VoIP provider has pushed out an update to its iPhone and iPod touch client this morning. Borrowing from the latest iPad build, the iPhone version will now automatically reconnect any dropped call.

More importantly emergency calls now get routed through the native dialer, which is interesting knowing most other VoIP apps don’t support this feature. A few more tidbits and the full changelog follow after the jump…

The iPhone build also has new toggles to opt-in or out of marketing messages and fixes that make IM conversations appear in the right order.

Matter of fact, the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad builds have finally achieved feature parity, both now supporting reordered conversations, emergency call redirection and automatic call recovery for dropped calls.

Here’s the full changelog:

iPhone and iPad:
• automatic call recovery for dropped calls
• fix so that instant message conversations appear in the correct order
• marketing opt-in / out selector within app registration

• emergency calls now routed through native dialer.

• improved UI allowing a simple swipe from the left of the screen to see your recent conversations in a sidebar
• improved spacing and minor UI changes for iPad mini screen size.

For more on bug fixes, check out Skype’s blog post.

You can download the latest Skype build for your iPhone or iPad free of charge, straight from the App Store.