OtterBox lets you customize Defender Series cases for a limited time

OtterBox customized Defender Series cases

Phew, today is an accessories day. Logitech owned the morning with its iPad mini Bluetooth keyboard, then Cody blogged about Mophie’s 1500mAh Juice Pack Helium for the iPhone 5.

Shortly after came word of Griffin’s artsy Designer Series cases which add a little bit of flair and wit to your iPhone 5.

Not to be outdone by its rivals, OtterBox has launched a case customization program for owners of the iPhone 4/4S/5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III. What’s this for, you ask. How about 35 different combinations of polycarbonate and silicone cases for your iPhone 4 or 4S and a remarkable 72 combinations of different designs for the iPhone 5?

All you’re required to do is choose from a bunch of color combinations at the OtterBox web site.

The company wrote in a media release that each case has a built-in screen protector and a holster style-belt clip. The shell is a two-piece polycarbonate part while the outer slipcover is made from silicone.

Three layers of defense include a plastic shell that cushions the iPhone 5 while a built-in screen protector prevents scratches and smudges.

The rubber outer slipcover wraps around the inner shell, creating a practically indestructible iPhone 5 case. A holster is included and doubles as a viewing stand.

Here’s an example case I customized.

OtterBox Defender Series (customizable, iPhone 5)
Yes, red is my favorite color.

The OtterBox Defender Series Build Your Own program is available, for a limited time.

Last but not the least: if you own a Samsung Galaxy S III, OtterBox will treat you to 42 different designs for your handset.

And just like that, all of a sudden life gets a little more exciting.