GeoHot enters the app development biz with ‘Reactions’

reactions header

It seems like everyone is getting into the business of developing iOS apps these days. First there was pod2g, and his digital music-mixer podDJ. And now it appears that ex-iOS hacker GeoHot is following suit.

GeoHot’s app, as noted by MuscleNerd, is called Reactions. It’s a camera app with a twist—it takes pictures with your iPhone’s front and rear cameras to capture your ‘reaction’ to the situation in your photo…

There’s not much to it. Just aim your iPhone at your subject and take the picture. The app will display the photo from your rear camera prominently, with the photo from your front camera in a FaceTime-like window.

reactions ss

Interestingly enough, there’s no way to save your pictures. Once a photo has been captured, you have 3 seconds to tap the unlabeled cancel button before it gets uploaded to Facebook. Sharing seems to be a big focus here.

“At Reactions, we offer you no way to save your pictures. If you want to save them, you have to share them. After a reaction is captured, you have 3 seconds to hit the unlabeled cancel button, or else your photo is automatically shared with all your Facebook friends.”

There may be more to it, but that’s about all I could gather from the Reactions website. It looks like there’s a few developers working with GeoHot on the project, and the app has been submitted to Apple and is pending approval.

Since his iOS jailbreaking days, GeoHot has bounced around a lot. First there was the PS3 hack and the subsequent Sony lawsuit, then he popped up at Facebook. Reaction is a neat idea, and we wish him luck on the new endeavor.