Lock Screen Drawer is another iOS 7 toggle concept


One of the annoying quirks of iOS is there’s no way to quickly toggle battery-draining and data-thirsty features and services we like to use selectively. Of course, that’s without jailbreaking. Considering BossPrefs (the precursor to SBSettings) was released in 2007, it’s about time Apple caught up with the demand for an official quick toggle panel. But how would Apple approach the problem?

Jean-Marc Denis posted one possibility to Dribbble. It’s a concept called ‘Lock Screen Drawer’, which would allow users to access toggles by pulling on a tab under the lock screen clock. Pull the tab, and a small tray slides out. In the concept, the tray is equipped with toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, and hotspot. We’d like to see GPS on the list too, so hopefully there would be a way to customize the toggles…


One user on Dribbble commented that Lock Sceen Drawer is “similar to androids super useful notification dropdown“. Funny he should say that, as Denis was the designer behind Sparrow, an alternative mail client for Mac and iOS. Sparrow was bought up by Google last year, where the creator of this concept currently works as a product designer.

Denis’ connection to Google likely means this concept won’t show up in iOS any time soon, which is a shame. Out of all the toggle concepts I’ve seen so far, Lock Screen Drawer looks like it ‘belongs’ in iOS the most. It cohesively builds on what’s already in iOS and doesn’t get bogged down by too many bells and whistles.

I am still holding out hope that Lock Screen Drawer will make its way to jailbroken iPhones. It’s not impossible that we’ll see the concept reborn as a tweak, since Davis has been in contact with Sentry. A quick reminder: Sentry is the designer behind a concept that became Auxo.

Would you still use SBSettings, NCSettings, or any other toggle tweak if iOS came with Lock Screen Drawer by default? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.