Auxo designer creates concept video for silent Do Not Disturb alerts

do not disturb alert concept

On Monday, we reported on Sentry’s Do Not Disturb concept. The original concept makes use of a “pull to refresh” gesture in Notification Center to toggle iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb mode, instead of relying on a timer. The DND concept looked elegant and intuitive, and in many ways, Sentry outdid Apple’s implementation of Do Not Disturb. In fact, Sentry even has one more thing up his sleeve to show us.

Early this morning Sentry posted another video to YouTube which expands on the original concept, this time focusing on Alerts in Do Not Disturb mode. Normally, in iOS 6, Do Not Disturb mode applies only when the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is locked, but Sentry has found a way to deliver silent, unobtrusive alerts while the device is still in use…

How would Sentry deliver silent alerts? In the concept, the Do Not Disturb moon shifts to the corner of the Status Bar, where the alert message is silently displayed. This way you can have quiet time alone with your iPhone, but still keep an eye on messages that really interest you. When paired with a notification toggle, this could be a great way to keep your device quiet while playing games, watching a movie, or taking notes.

Sentry has previously partnered with jailbreak tweak designers to bring the Auxo tweak to life in Cydia. If there’s enough demand, it’s possible that the Do Not Disturb concepts could also be made into a tweak.

Would you be interested in having silent Do Not Disturb alerts while your phone is in use? Share your thoughts in the comments section.