Poll: will impending jailbreak renew your interest in the iPhone?

Apple logo (space 001)

It’s open season for Apple doomsayers: the swirling supply cuts rumor has given stock manipulators ammunition to punish AAPL ahead of the earnings calls. But regardless of whether this nonsensical talk stems from a new iPhone model entering production, IGZO display technology being adopted or crazypants analysts having a field day, if you turn to consumers and ask them about their spending plans, you get a different story. None of this brouhaha matters to jailbreak fans eager to explore a bunch of innovative tweaks to personalize their iThings with whatever their heart desires.

There’s no way telling when an untethered jailbreak might arrive, but rest assured that the best iOS hackers are working on it. That’s bad news for owners of newer devices like the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S who must be patient and endure Apple’s static experience, until the jailbreak finally arrives. But let’s pretend for a second that it’s here.

Would that reinvigorate your interest in Apple’s handset?

All respondents, please cast honest votes.

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