Poll: is iTunes 11 snappier?

More than anything, today’s release of iTunes 11 has put Apple’s reputation on the line. After delaying the media jukebox program for a month in order “to get it right”, and having fired iOS chief Scott Forstall while letting SVP Eddy Cue rise as “a prime architect of Apple’s software strategy”, the iPhone maker must not stumble now. While iTunes 11 does not exactly mark a fresh start for the decade-old app, it truly delivers important enhancements while de-cluttering the interface and introducing under-the-hood tweaks.

These all work in concert to make your experience enjoyable and more streamlined. And now that you’ve played with it, iDB wants to know whether iTunes 11 feels snappier on your system versus the previous version…

Of course, a number of factors influence responsiveness and nimbleness of a piece of software, such as other apps/tweaks/mods running on your system, your specific hardware configuration and so forth.

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. As you’ve likely figured out by now whether iTunes 11 runs faster on your system than the previous incarnation, iDB wants to hear from you.

You’ll need to first select your iTunes version in the poll (Mac or PC). Then, please indicate whether the new iTunes strikes you as a more bloated/slower version of iTunes 10 or the opposite.

Again, check two options: first indicating your system (Mac or Windows) and then how speedy iTunes 11 runs on it.

Cast your vote right below.

As always, join us in comments and let us know how you voted and, more importantly, why. And let’s keep the discussion clean and civil.