In time for holidays, Swiss watch maker Mondaine welcomes iPad users to the club

A design Apple licensed for the iOS 6 Clock app from the Swiss Federal Railways for an alleged $20 million was also licensed 26 years ago to Switzerland-based watch maker Mondaine. In fact, Mondaine Group CEO André Bernheim had at one point considered legal action against the iPhone maker before Cupertino relented and agreed to sign a licensing agreement. The clock face design is truly timeless: it’s withstood the test of time and is still being used in SBB’s stations. Now, in a conveniently timed PR move, Mondaine issues a statement reminding Apple users it’s the official licensee of the design for wrist watches and wall clocks, eventually hoping some fans would put Mondaine products on their holiday shopping list…

Peter Cohen has Mondaine’s statement over at The Loop:

Mondaine would like to welcome all iPad users to the worldwide club of Swiss Railway Clock enthusiasts – a club Mondaine and its consumers have been part of for 26 years.

I reached out to Peter and he confirmed Mondaine sent him the statement this morning.

The Zürich, Switzerland-headquartered watch maker entered into a licensing agreement with the SBB 26 years ago, obtaining rights to produce watches featuring the now familiar look conceived back in 1944 by engineer Hans Hilfiker, who originally owned a copyright and trademark.

Swiss newspaper confirmed in September that Mondaine Group CEO André Bernheim considered legal action against Apple on the ground that his company is the official licensee of the clock design.

Do you own a Mondaine watch?