Blockbuster Video launches iPad magazine

You really have to feel for Blockbuster. After filing for bankruptcy in 2010, the one-time video rental giant has struggled to make any sort of comeback in a market now dominated by digital services like Netflix and iTunes. And apparently, it’s running out of ideas, because it just released an iPad magazine…

App Advice points to the new Blockbuster Magazine, which appeared in the App Store yesterday. As you can imagine, the publication features the latest news in movies and gaming. This includes a wide array of content including trailers, exclusive interviews, reviews and previews of upcoming releases.

From Blockbuster’s head of online Malachi Simons:

“2012 has definitely been the year of the tablet and we’re very proud of our new digital magazine. We believe that this is one of the best free magazines on the market and a great way for customers to stay up to date with the latest movies, games and trailers.”

Though it’s a strange offering, given Blockbuster’s struggles, the magazine itself is actually very well done. It looks great, embedded trailers load and play almost instantly, and the content, from what I’ve read so far, appears to be well written. I particularly like the Game and Movie of the month segments.

In the end, this isn’t anything ground-breaking. But it’s a solid option for folks looking for movie and video game news on the go. And you can’t beat the price. If you’re interested you can find Blockbuster Magazine in the App Store, or in the Newsstand app, for free.