Amazon releases its first (and free) mobile game

This above is a trailer for Air Patriots from the recently launched Amazon Game Studios, the online retailer’s first foray into the mobile gaming space. The game is available on Kindle, iOS and Android devices via Google’s Play Store, Amazon’s own Appstore and Apple’s App Store (aren’t you getting tired of so many unimaginative monikers already?).

The iOS version is provided free of charge as a 83MB universal binary download with native support for all iOS form factors and Retina graphics. Though the Play Store page originally suggested that Air Patriots couldn’t run on the Nexus 7 tablet, Google said it was a “minor hiccup” and has updated the entry…

It’s a path drawing game with tower defense elements.

Air Patriots, like many similar titles before it, invites you to take control of a squadron of planes by drawing the paths they will follow to engage the enemy.

Prepare your defenses for when the combat gets fierce by leveling-up planes and collecting gears that will both unlock new battlefields and add new unique aircraft to your armada. Score high enough to receive a medal of honor on the Rookie, Pro, and Veteran levels of each map and you’ll unlock one of the 100 wave survival levels that will challenge your strategies to the fullest.

From iTunes release notes:

• draw your defense paths
• Retina display supported on iPad, iPhone 4 & 5
• 7 Unique maps (3 Maps Free! Map Pack w/ALL maps is $2.99!)
• choose your fleet from 13 unique aircraft
• 28 levels of challenging gameplay
• 50 achievements to earn

Will you be giving Air Patriots a try?

It’s been awhile since I played a tower defense or a path-drawing game so I just might take Air Patriots for a spin.

At $0, you really can’t go wrong.