Apple’s green ranking drops to 118 in US

Despite recently obtaining a green apple logo, the iPhone maker’s ranking when it comes to green issues took a beating. The consumer tech giant ranks 118 among U.S. companies, a 68-point drop from a year ago. According to one report, Apple failing to answer a survey on greenhouse gas emissions from its American facilities via the Carbon Disclosure Project in both 2012 and 2011 was the chief reason for the poor showing…

According to Newsweek, Apple’s US rivals fared better.

Microsoft ranked 12th, Android-maker Google ranked 22nd and Amazon 347th. The annual surveys ranks US companies based on environmental footprint, management of environmental footprint and transparency. Apparently, it was the transparency factor which Apple disputes.

For its part, the iPad maker argues “only three percent of the company’s carbon footprint” comes from its facilities. Instead, more than 97 percent of their greenhouse emissions come from the products. To that end, Apple says it provides customers with detailed environmental reports for the Mac, iPhone, iPod and Display products. Apple also goes to great lengths to paint the iPad mini as an environmentally-friendly tablet.

Perhaps the hesitancy for Apple to now take part in a survey which it completed from 2006-2010 has something to do with a recent assault from environmentalists who accuse Apple’s overseas suppliers of being notorious polluters.

Can Apple do more to show it is environmentally aware? Is environmental consciousness even a factor when it comes to purchasing consumer electronics?

After all, many of the most popular gadgets are built in a Communist country with factories that constantly fight off charges of pollution and labor problems.