15 interesting points from today’s earnings call

Apple just announced its financial results for Q4 2012, and is now finishing up its earnings call. As promised, we’ve put together a list of some of the more interesting bits from the call to pass on to you.

Among that list, is the fact that Apple added $4 billion to its growing cash pile last quarter, bringing its cash total to more than $121 billion. It also sold a stout 44 million iOS devices during that time…

  • Apple now has $121 billion in cash
  • 44 million iOS devices sold in the quarter
  • More than 100 million iPads sold to date
  • 1.3 million Apple TVs sold in the quarter
  • More than 5 million ATVs sold in 2012 fiscal year
  • China now accounts for 15% of Apple’s revenue
  • iPod share is still 70%+ of MP3 player market
  • 190 million iCloud users
  • Now more than 700,000 apps in the App Store
  • Record quarter for app sales
  • Record quarter for iTunes sales, $2.1 billion
  • New iTunes launching soon
  • There’s now 390 Apple Stores worldwide
  • Apple Stores see average of 19,000 visitors per week
  • iPhone 5 will be be in 100 countries by December

Again, this wasn’t really a blockbuster quarter for Apple in terms of sales numbers. But that’s more or less because it was a transitioning period for most of the company’s products.

Apple refreshed nearly every one of its product lines in the last two months, and even unveiled a new tablet. So between that and the holidays coming up, we suspect a strong finish to the calendar year.