Get your Passbook ticket for today’s iPad mini event

With three and a half hours left to go, why not get your Passbook vanity ticket for today’s iPad mini event? I first checked with digital ticketing company Flon Solutions because they already provide some nice novelty Passbook passes from historic events.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t yet updated their database with the iPad mini event ticket. Luckily, Twitter came to the rescue. Obviously this isn’t a real event ticket so don’t try to get into the press conference with it…

Kudos to Twitter user @jasonsandmeyer who created this Passbook pass as a mini project yesterday.

If you’re accessing the link on an iOS device, you should be good as iOS 6 will automatically preview the ticket and allow you to import it into the Passbook app.

You can also do the same by opening the link in the Safari browser on your Mac running Mountain Lion. For some reason, the ticket appears incomplete but will render correctly when viewed on an iOS device.

It’s pretty straightforward: you just hit the Add to Passbook button and it automatically gets synced to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Couldn’t be simpler – thanks to Apple and iCloud.