Some cool novelty Passbook passes from historic events

This is kind of cool: the folks over at Flon Solutions, a digital ticketing company that specializes in Passbook, has created a number of custom passes from historic events.

These events include things like the infamous Titanic voyage, the Beatles rooftop concert, and more. And you can download these passes and add them right into Passbook….

Here are some of the different type of event passes available:

  • Fantastic Voyages — Christopher Columbus, Titanic, Charles Lindbergh, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815
  • Sporting Magic – 2008 Wimbledon final, 1966 Soccer World Championship, “Miracle On Ice,” Frazier-Ali fight
  • Classic Concert tickets – Beatles Rooftop concert, Woodstock, Queen, Roger Waters “The Wall” in Berlin.
  • Eminent Events – theatre the night Lincoln was shot, the Dallas luncheon JFK was going to before he was assassinated.

You can add these free passes to your Passbook app by visiting Flon Solutions’ website on your mobile phone or desktop computer, and clicking the ‘Add to Passbook’ button.

What’s really cool is that the passes are interactive. Tapping the ‘Info’ icon in the bottom righthand corner of a pass will reveal links, videos and other info about the event.

Apple unveiled Passbook during its WWDC iOS 6 keynote this summer. It’s essentially a digital wallet for all of your gift cards, event tickets, and boarding passes. To find real Passbook passes, simply open your Passbook application, and tap ‘App Store.’