iPad mini pricing said to start at $329 in the US

As Apple’s October 23 media event inches closer, pieces regarding what the company may announce are starting to fall into place. The company is expected to unveil a slew of new and refreshed products, including an “iPad mini.

Not much is known about the smaller tablet, outside of what it may or may not look like and what sounds like a November 2nd release date. But a new report is out today that claims to fill in at least one important blank: pricing…

9to5Mac is reporting this morning that it has learned that Apple’s so-called “iPad mini” will likely start at $329 here in the US, putting its pricing somewhere between the newly-introduced 5th generation iPod touch and the $399 iPad 2.

“Apple’s entry price for its upcoming smaller iPad is between the base model of the new, fifth-generation iPod touch ($299) and the currently shipping WiFi-only 16GB iPad 2 ($399). According to our sources, the base model of the smaller iPad will likely be priced at a minimum of $329 in the United States.

Two higher capacities of the smaller iPad will be available in the WiFi-only configuration. These will likely be priced at $100 premiums over each other at a minimum of $429 and $529.

Apple’s smaller iPad will also come in a version that connects to cellular networks. Like the third-generation iPad, these models will come at a $130 premium over their corresponding storage capacity in the WiFi-only line. This comes out to likely minimum price points of $459, $559, and $659 for the WiFi + Cellular line.”

The site says that it’s not positive on these price points. It all obviously depends on what price tag Apple puts on the entry-level iPad mini next week. But it seems fairly confident in the above pricing matrix, given the intel from its sources.

Honestly, $329 sounds kind of high in comparison to similar tablets from Amazon and Google, both of which fall under $200. So it’ll be interesting to see what features the iPad mini has that makes Apple feel that it’s worth $100 more.

On that front, we’ve heard that the smaller iPad will house a 7.85-inch display, though likely not Retina, and the internals of an iPad 2. We’re also hearing that it’s going to be extremely light, and thin, and likely have an LTE option.

The tablet is expected to make its debut at Apple’s media event this Tuesday in San Jose, alongside new Macs and supposedly a retooled full-sized iPad as well. We’ll be covering the event and all announcements, so make sure you tune in!

What do you think, is $329 too much for an iPad mini?