Comex no longer working at Apple [Updated]

Nicholas Allegra, a.k.a.Comex — the iOS hacker responsible for the popular jailbreak tool JailbreakMe — has parted ways with Apple after interning there for a little over a year.

Last August, Comex broke the news that sent shockwaves through the jailbreak community, announcing that he would be joining the very company whose security he’d successfully undermined more than once.

Is it possible that Comex might pick up where he left off in the jailbreak community?

There’s still no word from Comex on the matter, but the one major thing holding him back — the obvious conflict of interest involving a fruit company from California — is no more.

As for why Comex and Apple parted ways? Comex unenthusiastically lends the reason via Twitter:

The explanation is a bit vague, but he doesn’t sound too happy about the way things went down with Apple. Perhaps this could be a motivating factor for getting involved with jailbreaking again?

If anything, it seems the famed hacker wants to clear the air about anyone accusing him of “selling out”.

We certainly don’t think he sold out. To be able to work for a company that you’ve admired for years isn’t something that comes around often. He had the opportunity to do just that, and he took it. We certainly can’t fault him for that.

And regards whether or not he decides to make a comeback in the community, that’s his call. He’s already done enough to seal his status, and besides, other talented hackers are making good progress as it is. Case in point:

What do you think? Do you hope Comex gets involved with jailbreaking again?

Update from Forbes’ Andy Greenberg:

When I asked Allegra what he plans to work on now, he said he’ll focus on his work at Brown, and doesn’t foresee working on new jailbreaking tools for iOS any time soon.

Apparently the separation was due to him not responding to an email offer to continue his employment, and the offer was then rescinded. Although the details involve more than he’d go on the record to say, it seems that Apple runs a pretty tight ship as far as personel goes.

Either way, it doesn’t look like he’s going to re-involve himself with jailbreaking any time soon, if ever, especially because Apple’s legal terms may forbid it. But as I stated, there are a few good folks chopping away at the iOS 6 and iPhone jailbreaks as you read this.