Apple does the right thing, licenses the iPad clock design from Swiss Railway

After Apple was accused of lifting the iPad clock design from the timeless railway clock created by designer Hans Hilfiker for the Swiss Federal Railway service (SBB), and following a round of negotiations between Apple and the railway service, the Cupertino, California headquartered gadget maker has agreed to license the iconic timepiece look for the new clock app in iOS 6. The information has been confirmed officially by the SBB. Good move Apple, good move…

According to a media release issued by the SBB (via The Verge):

For the use of the SBB station clock on devices like iPad and iPhone, the Swiss Federal Railways SBB and Apple have agreed and signed a license agreement.

Neither Apple nor SBB would comment on financial terms of the deal.

Clock is a new app Apple created specifically for iPads running iOS 6. As Jeff told you in his walkthrough video, the beautifully designed program is a world clock capable of storing up to 24 different locations, along with the obligatory alarm, stop watch and timer functions.

By the way, maybe you didn’t know this but the iPhone 5 Weather app can also function as a world clock, here’s how.

I won’t be pompous and say that Apple would hardly reach such a deal on such a short notice if Steve Jobs were alive, but surely you must be glad that Apple has done the right thing here?