The iPhone 5 Weather app can function as a world clock

Hmm, what to do with all of that extra screen real estate? How about adding a clock?

For every city you have added to the Weather app, you can now quickly tell the time in that location, courtesy of a new clock positioned right beneath the name of said location.

There are some other subtle differences between the Weather app on the iPhone 5, and previous iPhones as well. Take a look inside as we break it down for you…

iPhone 4S Weather app

iPhone 5 Weather app

Notice the differences between the hourly forecast. The “hourly” link on the iPhone 4S is replaced with the current time for the location, and the hourly forecast is in an always opened horizontal scroll menu, instead of a list like previous iPhones. On the iPhone 5, you can’t close the hourly forecast with a tap, it’s always available.

Now you have another convenient spot to tell the time for your favorite locations. Of course, the Clock app is still available, but it’s nice to be able to kill two birds with one stone if you need to know the weather too.

What do you think about the newly updated weather app?