Incipio’s DualPro case with silicone core will protect your iPhone 5

Spanning three continents, like the old British empire, the Sun never sets on Incipio, allowing them to operate 24 hours per day. Their tireless approach makes them a world-wide leader in fresh and innovative designs that protect and enhance our mobile devices.

Incipio pushed an iPhone 5 accessory line concurrently with the release of the iPhone last Friday, and I was thankful to not only get a FedEx box with my shiny new iPhone, but also received a care package from my friend at Incipio with a DualPro inside. I am pumped about this new case and plan on using it frequently…


An outer Plextonium wraps a shock absorbing silicone base layer to offer two levels of impact resistance and protection. Both layers have a smooth, suede-like feel that produces a dull color tone finish and prevents a cheap plastic ambiance. The two layers lock into each other extremely well, preventing gaps between the two separate materials and offering a consistent curve and curb-appeal. The outer shell and silicone core offer a 6-sided protection, allowing the user to place the iPhone face down without the screen actually touching a flat surface.

While the volume and power buttons are enclosed in silicone, the mute switch, Lightning port, camera/flash, and speakers are open. Although the volume and power buttons are covered with silicone, they are easily operated, unlike other similar competitor cases. After using the case in a pants pocket, I am happy to report the silicon does not attract dust or lent. However, like all similar cases, dust or lent may accumulate around the screen edge under the silicone lip.

There are a couple detractors that deserve noting. The silicon insert has small burs in a few places where the silicon was removed from the mold. I recognize, however, this is a small detail most would overlook and is only noticed when being scrutinized. More concerning is the case length, from top-to-bottom. It is about 1-2mm too long for the iPhone 5, which allows the phone to slide up and down in the case. The movement is slight, but I prefer my phone to stay put inside a case.


Over all, despite the imperfections, I still greatly enjoy the iPhone 5 DualPro case, which comes in at a modest $23. The Plextonium and silicon combination offer rigid, yet shock absorbing protection for my new iPhone 5 and I know I will use this case often. It was even turning heads tonight at dinner, thanks to the vibrant yellow/gray color combination – a passerby stopped dead in his tracks to ask me where to get one. I would love for Incipio to fix the length, but this is still a solid case.


  • Double protection with inner/outer shell
  • Smooth feel
  • Protects power and volume buttons
  • Quality for the price


  • iPhone moves inside case because it is too long
  • Small cutting burs from manufacturing

Have you guys found a case you like, yet? Who is still going naked? Let us know in the comments below!