AT&T awards young girl $20,000 for creating anti-texting while driving app

We all know these days that sending text messages while driving is a pretty bad idea. Raising awareness of the risks is always a worthwhile exercise though, and doing just that is what has earned one 11-year old girl a cool $20,000.

As part of a hackathon last month, the young lady created a concept mobile app that hopes to raise awareness for the “It Can Wait” campaign. This led AT&T to award the prize of $20k for the creation.

Not bad for a kid…

The app, called Rode Dog, allows users to be placed into “packs,” with members of the pack able to check whether others are texting whilst driving. If they are, remote users can set off an alarm – a dog barking, oddly enough – in order to tell the offending texter to stop.

In order to get the app put together, Victoria Walker worked with designer David Grau and they hope to make in-app purchases available to give users the option of trying out different alarm sounds. Rode Dog is expected to be made available across the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Will you be trying this out? What about texting while walking?

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