The Lightning connector is really, really tiny

Until you get it in your hands, it’s hard to imagine just how tiny Apple’s new Lightning connector really is. You might be thinking it’s on USB Mini levels, but it’s even smaller than that.

The press shots usually show an up close photo of the Lightning connector, which is just enough to skew perceptions of its size. In this video inside, I compare the Lightning connector to a plethora of other connectors and items we’re all familiar with: USB, USB Micro, USB Mini, Thunderbolt, 30-pin connector, a penny, and more.

If you’re at all interested in Apple’s new connector, then you don’t want to miss this…

Although it’s sad that Apple’s new connector makes pretty much every peripheral in the last 10 years obsolete, I guess having a smaller, more durable connector is a bit of a consolation prize, no?

Unfortunately, the speed of the connector remains at USB 2.0 levels, but perhaps that could change in the future with an upgraded cable.

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