NYPD: Register your iPhone and we’ll track it down faster

There is nothing worse than having your property stolen, whether that be an iPhone, an iPad or anything else. Getting it back may not repair all the damage, but it certainly goes some way to helping.

If you went to New York’s 5th Avenue flagship Apple Store, then you may have seen some of the cities finest, the NYPD, suggesting that new iPhone owners register their latest purchases with them. The reason? To help get hardware back to the rightful owners should the need arise.

In a day and age where Find My iPhone has already proven to be hugely popular in helping to retrieve stolen property, there’s no reason not to add another string to your iPhone-retrieving bow…

Officers are also suggesting the engraving of a unique I.D. number right onto the device will also aid in getting stolen devices back to the right people, while also reducing the resale value of the hardware in question. Not many people will buy a stolen iPhone if it’s been branded in such a way, the NYPD notes.

We’re not sure we would want to have anything engraved on our shiny new iPhones, but then again, we don’t want them to go missing forever, either.

Have you ever had to track down a stolen iDevice? How successful were you?

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