Wannabat Season turns fast-paced baseball into iOS eye-candy

Vitusoft’s new 3D, one-on-one baseball app Wannabat Season gives the sport a new, stylish attitude and it’s fast-paced game design is perfect for those with an action addiction.

Wannabat brings baseball to a gritty urban environment, and foregoes the stadium for the street. Instead of famous names and jerseys, players can expect to face off against a slew of opponents who ooze style, while players design their own character to compete — both in terms of fashion and field domination.

Bases are taken and runs are scored based on the distance the batter hits the ball, as there is no outfield and there are no runners on the teams. It’s strictly pitcher vs. batter in this baseball battle, and this tight focus is a major strong point for Wannabat. The game’s control interface is simple, but it takes finesse, practice, and knowing one’s opponent to truly excel. Positioning the bat or ball symbol within the target sights and releasing at the optimum moment results in the fastest, most accurate swings and pitches. Squeeze in special moves and abilities to really knock one out of the park (or strike out a hapless batter).

The interface is simple, but Wannabat isn’t just about memorizing pitching or batting patterns to defeat the AI’s. First of all, the player can also play against friends in real-time. Second, character development and improvement play a very important role in the game as well. As players gain experience and victories, they’ll also level and rack up skill points. Skill points are important because they’re the player’s ticket to mastering the special pitches and deadly skills that their character will need to defeat the toughest rivals.

In-game currency, in the form of coins and battle points, is also acquired, and with these, the player can buy items from the shop. These items have both practical and aesthetic purposes, customizing the appearance of the player’s character as they boost stats and up the character’s performance on the field. The shop continually expands as the player progresses through the single player campaign mode too, because as each AI character is defeated some of their equipment and accessories are added to the shop.

Visually, Wannabat couldn’t get much better. With a highly detailed, 3D environment, elegant character design, and smooth, appealing animations, Wannabat successfully turns its fast-paced ballgame into iOS eye-candy. The number of customizations available makes character building truly fun, and their wide (and sometimes eclectic) variety of appearances keeps it interesting. Despite the game’s overall realism, there are a few fantastical twists tossed in with the animations, especially when the player lets rip one of the deadly skills, turning this baseball game into an epic battle.

You can download Wannabat right now in the App Store for only $0.99 — with three modes of play (campaign, real-time battles, and custom games against previously defeated AI’s) that’s a lot of content for little investment. Not sure if you’ll love it? You can also check out the free version of Wannabat — it includes the same content, but doesn’t hook you up with quite as much in-game currency to start out with.