Claimed photo of next-gen iPhone sync cable surfaces

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in iPhone 5 part leaks — specifically the dock connector/headphone jack assembly. The components have echoed previous reports that the next-gen iPhone would have a smaller dock connector.

Adding to the evidence is a new photo of a USB charging/sync cable, which popped up online this afternoon. With its 8-9 pin end matching up with the previous parts we’ve seen, it’s believed the cable belongs to Apple’s new smartphone….

iLounge posted the photo, which was sent to them via Veister, a mobile phone accessory outlet located in Shenzen, China (sound familiar?).

Here’s what the site had to say about the part:

“The cable appears to be highly similar to past Apple cables, with a full-sized USB plug on one end and what appears to be Apple’s newly shrunken 8-pin connector on the other…

…It’s unclear whether the part shown is a replacement cable or a genuine Apple part with pre-production markings.”

It looks real enough to us. And it further corroborates the theory that Apple’s future gadgets will feature a shrunken dock connector. Don’t worry though, your accessories are safe. Recent reports, and common sense, says there will be an adapter.