Fake iPhone 5 screws get a Joy of Tech treatment

News of Apple working on special screws for the next iPhone with asymmetric heads to prevent tampering spread like wildfire across the blogosphere. It wasn’t that the made-up story was attributed to a particularly credible source, not at all. At least on the surface, the report came across as perfectly plausible.

After all, Apple did switch to Pentalobular screws for the iPhone 4, provoking an outrage from repair experts iFixit. As you know, the story was exposed as an elaborate hoax by a Swedish design shop Day4, a case study of sorts on how sticky crazy Apple rumors really are.

Joy of Tech, a webcomic created by Canada-born Liza Schmalcel and Bruce Evans, has a funny take on the short-lived iPhone 5 screws meme, see it right below…

The comic ridicules the Screwpocalypse – that is, how both iOS and Android community and the whole news reporting business fell for the funny joke.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but I just love the Samsung angle to it. Head over at Joy of Tech for the full comic and then come back here to share your comments.

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Did you find Joy of Tech’s  take on the fake iPhone 5 screws funny, or at least entertaining?